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Ants In The Head

A Spot For Obscure Fandoms

Ants In The Head - A Spot For Obscure Fandoms
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Welcome to Ants In The Head*! Here you'll find obscure fandoms of all sorts. Old movies that no one else seems to have seen? TV shows that aired for three episodes in the eighties? Books that have just been translated from Portuguese? Or even well-known works that just don't have a fan community... yet? This is the place to share your love for all of them!

We welcome submissions of all varieties-- fanfiction, fanart, comics, vids, poetry, you name it. Links to other hosting sites are completely acceptable and, if it's a video or a sound file or just a particularly large one, even encouraged. (The poor mod doesn't know what sorts of files are supported yet, so please bear with her.)

On that note, let's have some guidelines:

1. Courtesy is a must! Respect the opinions of others, offer constructive criticism, etcetera. Flames and trolls will be mocked, ignored, and/or poked with sticks. (Courtesy also extends to flooding, personal grudges, linking etiquette, and the like. Exercise good judgement-- it doesn't hurt!)
2. Decent spelling, grammar, formatting, etc. are required on pain of exile and shunning in the streets strongly encouraged. It goes along with courtesy-- hurting people's eyes isn't nice at all.
3. There is no rule 3.
4. LJ-cuts are things of wonder. Please employ them.
5. Off-topic posts should be sparing and labeled.
6. Specific ratings are not required, but they are appreciated. Warnings for explicit or graphic content, however, are not optional. Use them.
7. Please use common sense when putting warnings on any of your work. You don't have to warn for every little thing, but if it's something that's liable to frighten/offend/squick people severely, warn for it.
8. Keep it fictional. No real-person fic. (Yes, there is a line between RPF and historical fiction, and I'm putting it at fifty years. If they've been alive during the past half-century, leave them alone please. This is the only thing I'm going to ban outright, so please don't complain.)
9. This one is less of a rule and more of a suggestion-- since posts in this community will be for fandoms which the majority are not familiar with, please try to write/draw/vid/whatever in a manner that will be comprehensible without knowing the source material. This doesn't mean you have to explain everything in the canon, it just means you should be clear enough to, say, get a sense of the characters and the setting. We want to draw in new fans, not confuse them. And it would be nice to be able to understand each other's work, now wouldn't it?
10. Another more-of-a-suggestion-- this one ought to go without saying, but please label which fandom your work is for. Otherwise what is the point?

A note from your friendly neighborhood moderator: Compiling the interests for this community, I think, will prove to be an interesting project, because of the nature of the community. So whenever you introduce a new fandom, please let me know via email or a footnote or somesuch if you'd like it, or the author, or etcetera, added to the interests list. Merci beaucoup!

That is all (for now). Now, have at it!

(Questions? Comments? Bribes? Declarations of undying love? Email them!)

We're affiliated with a comm for a particular teeny fandom, jungleofaday! If you like The Lion In Winter, go check it out. And post things, they are teeny and need love.

*A Short Explanatory Note Regarding The Community Name: "Ants in the head" is an expression roughly equivalent to "bats in the belfry" or "bees in the bonnet" or the like. It is used as a catchphrase several times in La Jolie Parfumeuse (in English The Pretty Perfume Maker), a 19th-century French operetta by Jacques Offenbach which was the source of the fic plotbunny that inspired the creation of this community.